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Instantly! Once you have made your purchase, you will be directed to the download page for instant access to the eBook and all of the bonuses. This is because my book is an eBook, and therefore can be downloaded electronically – no postal service is required. It saves the trees!

No sorry, at present the book is only available as an instant downloadable eBook from this website. This allows me to keep the costs down and therefore pass on the savings and bonuses to you. Plus we save some trees in the mean time!

My eBook is a complete treatment program on resolving kidney disease/failure. It will show you every step of the way the dos and don’ts of treating and managing kidney disease/failure from home. My comprehensive treatment program will detail the major natural remedies that boost your kidney function; including herbal medicine, dietary, nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle advice – So it is a well-rounded and complete program. It is essentially all the information that you would receive if you were to see me as a practitioner over a period of many months, and therefore the same treatment strategies are used at the fraction of the cost.

Yes. My program was specifically designed for you and/or your loved ones in mind. Research and real live cases have helped me fine tune the treatment strategy to blend the many variations each individual displays. And therefore my program can be simply and effortlessly tailored to fit your situation and needs.

Of course the only true way to know and realise all of the health benefits that my program produces is to apply the advice. Simple concept I know, but it cannot be truer. My program will not do it for you, it will not take the supplements for you, or even eat the foods that will help heal your condition. However it will lay it all out it in such a way that it is way easy to act on. But don’t worry, you’ll want to follow the recommendations anyway – wait until you see the results!

Yes. All of the recommended herbs, vitamins and dietary ingredients can be found in your local grocery and health food stores. Each of these ingredients is low cost and readily available. However if in the unlikely event you are unable to find some of the necessary ingredients, I have put together in the back of my eBook a complete list of online sources to purchase your remedies from.

    Here at we value all feedback and your comments and questions are always welcome. If you have purchased any of our products and need support regarding billing, refunds, problems accessing the product or any other product related problem after purchase.

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